(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. courtesy, courteousness; respect; good manners, behavior, or breeding; manners, politeness, urbanity, comity, gentility, breeding, cultivation, polish, grace, civility, culture, civilization, social graces; tact, diplomacy; amenity, suavity; good or easy temper, good humor, amiability, gentleness, soft tongue; humility, affability, gallantry, chivalry, bushido; hospitality, cordiality. See sociality, benevolence.
2. (act of courtesy) compliment; fair, soft, or sweet words, honeyed phrases; greeting, salutation, reception, presentation, introduction, mark of recognition, nod, recognition; welcome, respects, devoir, welcome mat; valediction, farewell, good-bye; regards, remembrances; kind regards or remembrances.
3. (act of respect) obeisance, reverence, bow, curtsy, salaam; kneeling, genuflection (see worship); salute, handshake, grip of the hand, embrace, hug, squeeze; accolade. Informal, high sign, glad hand.
4. guest, invitee, visitor; host[ess], greeter.
1. be courteous, show courtesy, keep a civil tongue in one's head; receive, do the honors, usher, greet, hail, bid welcome, accost, welcome [with open arms]; entertain, host; shake hands; hold out, press, or squeeze the hand; roll out the red carpet; bid Godspeed, see off; speed the parting guest. Informal, have one's latch string out.
2. (show courtesy) embrace, kiss hands, kiss on the cheek; drink to, pledge, hob and nob; move to, nod to; smile upon; touch or take off the hat, doff the cap, uncover, cap; present arms, salute; make way for, bow, make one's bow; curtsy, bob [a curtsy], kneel, bend the knee, prostrate oneself.
3. visit, wait upon, present oneself, pay one's respects, pay a visit (see sociality); pass the time of day; dance attendance on (see servility); pay attentions to, do homage to (see respect).
4. (show good manners) mind one's Ps and Qs, behave oneself, be allthings to all men, conciliate, speak one fair, take in good part; look as ifbutter would not melt in one's mouth; mind one's manners.
5. (make more courteous) polish, cultivate, civilize, humanize.
Adjectives — courteous, polite, civil, mannerly, urbane, continental, cosmopolitan; well-behaved, well-mannered, well-bred, well brought up, gentlemanly, courtly, gallant, chivalrous; good-mannered, polished, civilized, cultivated, refined (see taste); fine-spoken, fair-spoken, soft-spoken; honey-mouthed or -tongued; mealy-mouthed; obliging, conciliatory, onone's good behavior, ingratiating, winning; genteel; gentle, mild; goodhumored, cordial, gracious, affable, amiable, familiar, suave; neighborly; hospitable, cordial.
Adverbs — courteously; with a good grace, with open or outstretched arms.
Interjections — greetings! salutations! good morning, afternoon, or evening; how do you do! Informal, howdy! how's tricks? long time no see!
Phrases — a civil question deserves a civil answer; civility costs nothing; one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Quotations — To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war (Winston Churchill), My father used to say, "Superior people never make long visits" (Marianne Moore), Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without ever having asked a clear question (Albert Camus).
Antonyms, see discourtesy.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Courteous conduct]
Syn. politeness, civility, courteousness, graciousness, good manners, kindness, courtliness, complaisance, affability, gentleness, consideration, thoughtfulness, sympathy, geniality, cordiality, friendliness, solicitude, amiability, tact, good behavior, mannerliness, politesse, amenities, etiquette, comity, culture, refinement, address, cultivation, chivalry, urbanity, gallantry, respect, attention, favor, deference, elegance of manners, polished manners, good breeding, gentle breeding, formality, gentility, suavity, blandness; see also behavior 1 , ceremony 2 , kindness 1 .
2. [Courteous act]
Syn. attention, service, favor, polite gesture, act of politeness, mark of attention, gift, kindness, compassion, benevolence, accommodation, indulgence, generosity, charity; see also kindness 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
politeness, good manners, civility, respect, consideration, graciousness, refinement, gentleness, formality, tact. ''The art of choosing among one's real thoughts.''— Abel Stevens.
ANT.: rudeness, discourtesy, informality
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. Well-mannered behavior toward others: civility, courteousness, genteelness, gentility, mannerliness, politeness, politesse. See COURTESY. 2. A courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships: amenity (used in plural), civility, pleasantry, politeness, propriety (used in plural). See COURTESY. 3. An act requiring special generosity: beau geste, compliment, favor. See GIVE.

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